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Dr. Laxmi - Assistant Professor 
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualifications: MSW, PhD
Department: Social Work
School of Social Science(SSS)
Telephone: 9497833847
Email: [email protected] , 
 [email protected] 


Other designations:       Faculty Advisor 1st Year
Coordinator Assessment and Evaluation 
Specialisation: Community development
Women Empowerment, Self-help groups and Counselling
Course Offered: Community mobilization and social action, Administration of human service organizations and corporate social responsibility, Participatory Programme Planning and Management
Elective courses: Rural and Tribal Governance, Urbanization and Urban Governance.
Brief Profile: Worked as state counseling coordinator in HIV/AIDS intervention programme with commercial sex workers. Having 14 years of PG and UG teaching experience. Completed a project on ‘Assessment of COTPA in Mysore and Mandya district’. Received a minor project by UGC on ‘Sanitation and Hygiene awareness among SHG members’. Published a book on ‘Self Help Groups and Women Empowerment’. 

Chapters in book (s):

1.  Published an article on ‘Self Help Groups and Women Empowerment’ in B.T.Lawani     (ed.) Social Justice and Empowerment, ISBN 81-86867-42-42. Om Publications.

2.  Pubblished an article on ‘Counselling Skills in Deceased Donor Transplantation’ in Anand Jerrard Sebastine and M. Gabriel (ed.) Health and Social Work Practices, New Frontiers and Challenges, ISBN 978-81-7273-487-9, Authors Press, New Delhi.

3.  Published an article on A Study on Physical Health Condition of Elderly with special reference to Bapuji Old Age Home IN Lovelina Little Flower (ed.) Health and Development- Aging, Disability and Gender Issues, ISBN 978-81-7273-623-1, Authors Press, New Delhi.

4.  Co-authored an article on ‘A Study on Contribution made by the Elected Women Representatives in Health and Developmental Field at Udupi District in Karnataka’In Lovelina Little Flower (ed.) Health and Development-Occupational Hazards, Food Security and Community Development, ISBN 978-81-7273-624-8, 2012. Authors Press, New Delhi.

5.  Published an article on A Study on Elders’ Perception of Physical and Mental Health With special reference to Bapuji Old Age Home in Mysore, Karnataka in Justin Pallickal and A. Shahina Sultana (eds.) Building Psychological Perspective on Disability Experience: Children, Elders, Mentally Ill Persons & Caregivers, ISBN -978-3-8473-4637-1, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. 

6.  Published an article on ‘Self Help Groups and Social Work Practice, in  Subbarama Raju (ed.)  ‘Social Inclusion and Social Work for Social Development’, ISBN-978-81-311-0429-3 2012.

Research Articles in Peer reviewed Journals

1.      Co-authored an article on ‘Building Socio-Economic and Political Capacities of Women through Self Help Groups in International Journal of Social Sciences, ISSN-0974-1674, Jan-June 2010, Society of Social Sciences, Puduchery.

2.      Published an article on ‘Role of Self Help Groups in Economic Empowerment of Women with Special Reference to Shree Kshethra Rural Development Project in Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies, Vol.34, December 2011.

3.Published an article on ‘Community Based Organizations And Community Development- Evidence From SHGs of Women In Rural Karnataka- A Case Study’ in Indian Journal for Social Studies and Humanities, 2012, ISSN-2249-7458.

4.      Published an article on ‘Women participation in Politics’ in International Journal of multidisciplinary Educational Research, 2013, ISSN 2277-7881.

5.      Published an article on ‘HIV/AIDS Awareness among Social Work Students- A Study in Journal of Development and Social Change, January-March 2013, ISSN 2231-0991.

6.      Published an article on ‘Essentials of School Social Work, Journal of School Social Work, Vol. 10(3). 2013, ISSN 0976-3759.

7.      Published an article on ‘Impact of Self Help Groups on Empowerment of Women Experience from Case Studies’, International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Educational Research, 2014.   ISSN: 2277-7881, Impact factor 2.7.

8.      Published an article on ,Mobility India’s (NGO) Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for People with Disability in  Journal of Progressive Out look, 2014, ISSN: 2231-2358.

9.      Co authored an article on‘Impact of Environmental Awareness Module among Under Graduate Students in Journal of Global Economy. VOL 10, NO 2.94-109. Print Version ISSN 0975-3931; Online Version, 2014, ISSN 2278-1277.

10.  Assessment of current level of compliance to section 6 of  COTPA in Mysore district of Karnataka  State of India  (Section 6 of COTPA-   Prohibition   on   Sale   to   and   by   minors   And   Prohibition   of   Sale   around Educational Institutions) in IJMER, ISSN 2277-7881.

11.   Assessment of Current level of Compliance to COTPA (The Cigarette and Other Tobacco Product Act) 2003 in Mysore district of State of Karnataka, India in Indian Journal of Preventive, curative and Community Medicine, ISSN: 2454-325X.

Book Publications: Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups, Prateeksha Publications, Jaipur. ISBN No: 9789380626642



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