Central University of Kerala

Dr.Vilfred Dr. V. Vilfred - Associate Professor 
 Department of Mathematics,
School of Physical sciences,
Central University of Kerala, T
ejaswini Hills, Periye,
Kasaragod, Kerala – 671 316.
Mob: +91 9443577502
Email: Official: vilfredkamalv[at]cukerala[dot]ac[dot]in
Other designations:      
Specialisation: Discrete Mathematics, Graph theory, Combinatorics.
Course Offered: MSM 513: Discrete Mathematics
MSM 521: Algebra - II
MSM 5027: Operations Research
MAT5102: Elementary Number Theory and Basic Algebra
MAT 5202: Complex Analysis
Elective Course: -------
Brief Profile: V. Vilfred Kamalappan: Place of Birth: Eraviputhenthurai, Thoothoor (P.O.) – 629 176, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India. School Education (1963-74) at Pius XI HS, Thoothoor; P.U.C. (1974-75) in Scott Christian College, Nagercoil (100% in Maths); B.Sc. (1975-78) in NMCC, Marthandam (100% in I & II year Maths); M.Sc. (1978-'80) in Thiyagarayar College of Engineering, Madurai (50/50 in Univ. Exam in Incomp. Fluid Flow); M.Phil. (1990) under FIP in MKU, Madurai; Ph.D. (1996), under FIP (1993-94: one year) under the guidance of Prof. M.I. Jinnah, Kerala University; Senior Research Fellow at IIT Bombay from 09.12.1980 to 01.10.1981. At CU Kerala: Joined as Associate Professor on 10.12.2015 Worked as HoD from 05.09.2016 to 28.08.2019. At St. Jude's College, Thoothoor worked from 12.07.1982 to 09.12.2015: As HoD, Department of Mathematics from 12.07.1982 to 09.12.2015; As College Program Officer for National Literacy Movement (1984-1991); As Vice-Principal (1995-2000) and As Principal-in-charge (22.04.2008 to 19.02.2009).
Very good foot-ball player/ play maker/ strategist. Specializes in Graph theory, Combinatorics, Algebra, Real and Complex Analysis. Solved a 1962 conjecture on the existence of self-complimentary circulant graphs stated by Prof. Horst Sachs of Germany. Defined sigma labeling (now it is known as distance magic labeling) and developed its theory with Prof. M.I. Jinnah. Defined a new type of circulant graph isomorphism and developed its theory – My Ph.D. thesis work. Developed a theory of Cartesian product and factorization of circulant graphs similar to product and factorization of natural numbers. Extensively studied sum and integral sum graphs and vertex self-switching of graphs. “The Four Color Theorem – A New Proof by Induction” – a 30 years of work on 4CT and “Generating prime numbers – A fast new approach” – a mile stone in Number Theory are put in arXiv on 11.01.2017 and 26.04.2019, respectively. Visited Universiti of Brunei, Brunei (1995) and American University of Sharjah, Sharjah (2017). Delivered several invited talks in conferences/seminars. Published 53 research articles & successfully guided 08 M.Phil. and 06 Ph.D.s. At present, guiding 03 Ph.D. research scholars.


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