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                Central University of Kerala is a centre of information for the academic community of the University and is expected to be developed into a hub of knowledge to all the academic community and a gateway to national and global knowledge. It ensures fair access to knowledge to the academics on the campus in particular and to each individual related to the university in general. The Library started functioning in October 2009. Within a short period it could attain a considerable level of development and is moving fast towards a fully automated electronic library.  



   Digital Resource Centre & Reading space
         The Library has a separate Digital Resource Centre to provide access to Internet and other digital resources. The DRC was inaugurated on 24th March, 2010 by the Hon. Vice Chancellor. This is now being fully utilized by the academic community of the University
 Library Automation
               The library is automated with KOHA Open Source Library System. The software is installed in the Linux platform (Debian) in the server computer and is accessible through all the nodes in the Library through the Wi-Fi network
 Air Conditioning
         The Library is fully air conditioned to provide a better environment for serious learning and to preserve the library materials and equipment from dust, heat and pests.
          An Internet connection with 8Mbps speed has been installed in the Library and is provided to the users through the Wi-Fi network in the Library. It will soon be switched over to 10Mbps connection provided by the INFLIBNET
Library Blog
         The University Library has developed a blog with the name CUKLIBINFOPAGE which provides access to the full text of more than 150 open access journals in Language and Linguistics, Literature, Economics, Library and Information Science, and various science subjects. It also provides access to other important links such as Encyclopedia Britannica. The important events of the Library also can be viewed from this blog. Anybody from anywhere in the world can access this blog and retrieve information. The blog can be accessed from www.cuklibinfopage.blogspot.com
          A photocopier with network printer is installed in the library. The users can avail the facility of photocopying service provided in the Library. The users can also take print outs of documents downloaded through Internet.
       The Library catalogue is accessible to the users of the Library through the Online Public Access Catalogue in the Library. The books can be searched through the WebOPAC provided in the University Website.


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