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The Capital Centre of the Central University of Kerala, the horizontal expansion of the University in the capital city Thiruvananthapuram, runs the ambitious undergraduate programme in International Relations that trains prospective candidates to transform them into world citizens who could be interlocutors in the arena of global relations. Despite being one of the younger departments of the University, the Centre has established itself as a centre of excellence and aspires to be a premier institute of excellence in South Asia by inculcating moral and ethical values in students to ensure social harmony, dignity, worth of individuals and respect for diversity of opinions along with providing unmatched training in the vibrant discipline of International Relations.At the core of this unique course is a resolve to transform the young minds into trained, sophisticated professionals who can represent the state/the nation at various international fora. The Department is committed to intellectual inquisitiveness, academic rigor, and a pluralistic/diverse curriculum. Moulding Ideal Citizens of the Nation forms the main motto of the Centre. Keeping in mind the gamut of opportunities in the field of global relations, the Centre also offers courses in German and French languages in direct collaboration with the Goethe Zentrum and Alliance Française institutes respectively at Thiruvanathapuram.

            The Department of International Relations, Capital Centre, Thiruvananthapuram is located conveniently within city limits, just 5 kms from the Central Railway Station and 6 kms from the International Airport. Housed in the BSNL building sprawling 9000 sq. feet, it is accessible on foot from Pattom Junction. Inaugurated on 4th January 2014 by Dr. Manm11ohan Singh, the then Prime Minister of the Nation, the Capital Centre offers India’s first ever graduate programme in International Relations. The department maintains an impressive student to teacher ratio of 7.33:1 which is proof for the attention that each student receives from the faculty. The department has student-friendly smart classrooms and a fully equipped audio-visual studio hall with a capacity to seat one hundred students at a time. The Centre also provides separate hostel facility for boys and girls. Both hostels are easily accessible from the department and are located in residential areas, offering comfortable accommodation and a peaceful ambience for students to pursue their academics. The University observes almost all days of national and international importance and has active committees that conduct discussions, debates, quizzes and even programmes outside the campus.

Library & Information Service

The department library houses a collection of over 1500 books including encyclopedias of Political Science, International Relations, Nations of the World, Research Methods in Social Sciences and Modern Education; hand books on International Relations, Human Rights, International Diplomacy, Globalization, Power & Politics, Nuclear Politics, Religion & Politics, American Foreign Relations and India’s International Relations; Atlases of World, Sea and Rivers of India;Subject specific books, Civil Services preparatory books; socio-political magazines; journals and also English and Malayalam Literary Classics. There is an enviable collection of CDs and DVDs pertaining to areas related to the curriculum especially history, ecology, geology etc. and also those which aid the study of foreign languages like English, French and German. The library is also home to multiple desktop computer systems which the students could use to access the internet or play the DVDs. 

Vision of the Department

1. To become the premier institute in teaching, research and leadership in IR at the Undergraduate level.

2.  Inculcation of moral and ethical values in students to ensure social harmony, dignity/worth of individuals and respect for diversity of opinions, thereby moulding ideal citizens of the nation.

3.  A resolve to catch young minds and transform them into trained, sophisticated professionals who can represent the state/country at various international fora.

4.  Envisions the creation of good citizens who could be interlocutors in the arena of global relations.

5.  Provide a sound platform for International Relations as a vibrant prospect for Undergraduate studies.

Mission of the Department

1.  To equip students with skills essential to transform them into highly competent professionals as well as astute and keen political analysts.

2. To sharpen communication skills besides faculties of critical thinking, independent research and analysis by providing training in foreign languages.

3.  To include in the curricula, a wide spectrum of courses such as International Relations, Research Methodology, Security Studies, Foreign Policy Analysis, Foreign Policy Process, Diplomacy, International Security, International Development, International Organisations, International Law, Comparative Politics, Migration studies, International Political Economy, Indian Polity and The Constitution, Political Geography, Human Rights, Political Thought, UN and World Peace etc. which enable the students to develop intellectual inquisitiveness and academic rigor through a pluralistic/diverse curriculum

4.  To organize programmes that cut across the contemporary issues in IR, thereby developing well-informed and proactive citizens of tomorrow.

5.   To encourage students’ initiative in order to develop their personality, organizational skills and equip them to face the challenges of the present and future.

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MOU with Alliance Francais de Trivandrum




MOU with Goethe Zentrum, Thiruvanthapuram



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