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Environmental Science


Dr. R Ramanan

HS Kim,  DH Cho, BH Kim.

Method for microalgal lipid enhancement.

Environmental Science


Dr. R Ramanan

HS Kim,  HG Lee, DH Kim, JW Choi, DS Shin.

Process for preparing microalgae inhibiting autophagy and comprising increased lipid and starch contents.

Physics Department


Dr. Subasa Ch. Sahoo,

Prof. Shiva Prasad, Prof. N. Venkataramani, Mr.Baidyanath Sahu,  Dr.Krishnan Ramanathan Method of Processing Co-Zn ferrite bilayers to achieve high magnetization

Genomics Department


 Dr. Padmesh P

J.V Reji, S.Seeni and G.M Nair

A Process for enhanced in-vitro production of hypericin from Hypericum  hookerianum

Plant Science


Dr. M. Chithra

G. Muralikrishna

A patent entitled ‘A process for the preparation of xylanase from ragi malt’

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 2935/CHE/2014
Dr. Govinda Rao Duddukuri Nagendra Sastry Y, DSVGK Kaladhar Cyclooxygenase-2 and/or 5-Lipooxygenase inhibitory dammarane triterpenoid 1 and other secondary metabolites of Borassus flabellifer seed coat for prevention and therapy


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