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The Department of International Relations, based in the School of Global Studies, was started in 2012. It offers Masters and Doctoral Studies in International Relations and Political Science. The study programmes examine the role of states, regional and international organisations, NGOs and multinational companies in an increasingly globalised world. International Relations(IR) is about relationships that involve power, authority, influence, conflict, co-operation, egoism and solidarism. Instruments of politics include discussion, propaganda, persuasion, legislation, administration, threats, inducements and the use of force. Students will learn about topics such as the causes of war and the conditions of peace and security, the workings of international organizations, the complexities of international negotiations, the threat posed by terrorism, and the politics of foreign economic policy.  It is also about understanding patterns of behaviour between the different actors in the world, be they states, prime ministers, presidents and corporations. The students will also have the opportunity to study the international relations of particular countries (such as India, China, US & Russia) or regions (such as South Asia & Africa). Because international and domestic politics are closely related, students will also learn about comparative politics- the politics and political institutions of different countries and regions.  IR teaches us to unravel the complex and often invisible network of factors that lead to a situation where events in one part of the world can have their effects in another. Kerala is one state that has experienced the benefits and downsides of globalization more than any other state in India considering the large number of people from the state who have an overseas connection, particularly with the Gulf countries. The Department seeks to provide a congenial setting for the study of and research in IR supported by brilliant faculty with varied research and teaching experiences to their credit


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Central University of Kerala Schools Global Studies Department of International Relations and Politics