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The Department of Linguistics was established in June 2012 under the School of Languages and Comparative Literature (SLCL). The MA (Linguistics and Language Technology) was launched in 2012 and the PhD program in 2015. The academic programs of the linguistics department equip students and researchers to address some vital concerns of the society and the country.  The linguistic and cultural plurality of India provides a heightened value for linguistic studies. Trained linguists can play a key role in areas like understanding the complexities of the linguistic situation in India,  teaching and learning Indian languages, developing technology for languages, language planning, study of human cognition & memory and in solving many practical problems. As a science that has seen tremendous development and widening of scope in the recent times, linguistic inquiry is now given great importance in academic and research world. The programs offered by the Department of Linguistics are fine-tuned to produce linguists with skills and knowledge required to function in this environment. 

Considering the growth of computational linguistics in recent years and its importance in the Indian context, the MA program of the Linguistics department covers various aspects of computational linguistics and language technology. Along with the foundational subjects in linguistics and specialization subjects, the course provides a comprehensive coverage of theory and applications of this area, such as Natural Language Processing, Speech Synthesis, Corpus Linguistics, Machine Translation and Electronic Lexicography. The department also offers specialization in the areas of Language Pedagogy, Translation Studies, Clinical Linguistics, Field Linguistics and Tribal Language Studies. The focus of the teaching learning process is on enabling the students to acquire skills to analyse language in all its manifestations and to put them to practical use. Interactive teaching and learning, field work, use of analytical software, and the opportunity to analyse data from a variety of languages are some of the salient features of the courses in the Department of Linguistics of CUK.

. A separate lab with up-to-date analytical software is proposed and will take shape in the near future.

The course qualifies the students to tap the resources and job opportunities in the field. Institutions like IITs, IIITs, CIIL, CDACs can be potential avenues for the student to excel. The students can also work in Neurology Institutes, Speech and Hearing Institute with their training in Clinical Linguistics, Psycholinguistics etc. Anthropological Survey of India, Archaeological Survey of India, Census, Oriental Institutes and several NGOs, are other areas where the students can find their prospects.


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Central University of Kerala Schools Languages And Comparative Literature Department of Linguistics