Central University of Kerala

 Renjith-Gen Dr.Ranjith Kumavath - Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (University Of  Hyderabad),
MS.c Bio Chemistry
Department Of  Genomic Science
School of  Biological Science
Tel Ph:+918547648620
Other designations:       Former HoD (i/c), Dept. of Genomic Science (2011-2014)
BOS Member, Dept. of Genomic Science
BOS Member, Dept. of Environmental Science
Member, IQAC Core Committee
Member-Institutional Bio-safety Committee
Specialisation: Cancer Genomics, Human Invective Diseases, Microbial Genetics and Metagenomics.,Anti-cancer agents/peptides from microbial recourses for target based drugs and Integrative Omics based markers and target drug Discovery
Course Offered: GEN-514: Molecular Biology
GEN-515: Genomics Lab 1 (Microbiology and Biochemistry)
GEN-521: Molecular Biophysics
GEN-522: Genomics and Proteomics
GEN-535:  Genomics Lab 2 (Molecular Biology)
GEN 533 Genetic Engineering
Elective Course: GEN5014: Microbial Genomics
GEN5015: Pharmacogenomics
GEN5016: Metagenomics
GEN5017: Infectious Diseases
GEN5018: Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
Brief Profile: Dr. Ranjith Kumavath, M.Sc., Ph.D, FASB, received his Ph.D from Central University of Hyderabad with specialization in Molecular Microbial Biochemistry/Genetics. Before joining CUK in 2011, He worked as Post-Doctoral Research Fellows at 1st UGC- D.S.Kothari Post-Doc in Central University of Hyderabad (UoH), 2nd School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and 3rd School of Biomedical Sciences, Mercer University, Georgia, USA. He has been awarded as Young Scientist by DST, Govt. of India; Bio-Asia Young Scientist by Govt. of A.P; Fellow of the Society of Applied Biotechnology (FSAB) by SAB; Fellow of Young Investigator by India Biosciences and Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal Award-2014 by GEPRA, India. Presently, he is operating three major research projects funded by UGC-BSR; SERB-DST and SERB Govt. of India. He has published 2(two) Books; 5(five) Book chapters and 23 Research publications in leading National and International journals and he made 15 National and 10 International presentations. He has been contributed in discovery of 4-Novel enzymes to International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB). He has National and International Research collaborations with University of Hyderabad; IIOAB, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and National University of Singapore; Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil and UC Davis, Bio-complexity Institute, Virginia Tech University, Virginia and  San Diego State University, USA.

Research interest:
RK Lab is aiming to innovative and cutting edge drug delivery systems to tackle the challenges with various types of cancers and infectious diseases. His lab is engaged in discovery of active peptides, like PMAP-18, Carotenoids and SlpA’s etc. which are found in host immune system and membrane-action to understand the altered pathways, gene expression mechanism of CYP19A1 in breast cancer by Rbn and Rdn etc. for therapeutic biomarkers.

            We are also working on the functional sequence-specific Antibiotic resistance genes underlying the TCST mechanisms to make sense of the deluge of Transcriptomic and Metagenomic data by identifying the specifics of sequence-encoded molecular functions.                                                
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