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tony Dr.Tony Grace- Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Genetics (Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA)
PhD (Nematology), IARI, New Delhi, INDIA

Diploma in Computer Applications
Diploma in Computer Programming

Department of Genomic Science

School of Biological Sciences
Central University of Kerala, Periye, Kasargod, Kerala, India, 671320
Formerly [ HOD i/c Department of Genomic Science], [Sports Co-ordinator Central University of Kerala], [Warden of Mens Hostel]

Tel Ph 0467-2209326
E-Mail : 
[email protected]
Other designations:       Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of Biology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA,  [email protected]    
Specialisation: Microbiome and its role in Human and Animal health. Neurological disorders like Autism, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Metagenomics, Genome Analysis, Bioinformatics, Population Genetics, Entomology.

Course Offered: GEN 5309: Genome Analysis
GEN 5008: Evolutionary Biology
GEN 5205: Bioinformatics
GEN 5293: Lab In Bioinformatics
GEN 5002: Population Genetics
GEN 5012: Basic Bioinformatics
GEN 5020: Biological Literature
GEN  533 : Functional Genomics
GEN  534 : Genome Diversity
GEN  615 : Human Genome
GEN  531 : Developmental Genetics
GEN  612 : Bioinformatics Applications
GEN  613 : Comparative Genomics
GEN  803 : Genetics of Populations
GEN  802 : Genomics
Brief Profile: EDUCATION

Dr. Tony Grace completed his PhD in Genetics from Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA and has another PhD from IARI New Delhi and two diplomas in Computer Applications.

He worked as Post-Doctoral Research Associate and Project Manager of the Bioinformatics Centre at Kansas State University, USA for many years before joining the Central University of Kerala. 

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