Central University of Kerala

Ginnay Antony Dr.Ginny Antony,Assistant Professor 
Ph.D. (Kansas University,USA),MS.c
Department Of  Plant Science
School of Biological science
Mob:+(91) 8281361734 
Other designations:        External Expert(DBT nominee) - Institutional Bio-safety Committee, Central Plantation Crop Research Institute, Kerala, India.
Member- Institutional Bio-safety Committee, Central University of Kerala, India.
Specialisation: Molecular Plant Pathology, Molecular tools for crop improvement
Course Offered: BPS514  Cell and Molecular Biology   
BPS 524  Omic approaches in Plant Science (team taught)                                                                                                     BPS532 Plant-Pathogen interactions   
BPS533 Methods in Plant Biology (team taught)                                                     
Elective Course: BPS510 Current Topics in  Plant Biology                                               
Brief Profile: Dr. Ginny Antony did her M.Sc.in Biochemistry from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi under the guidance of Dr. Shelley Praveen . She graduated in 2004 and her thesis is titled ' Gene stacking for the development of  dual resistance against leaf curl disease and mosaic disease of tomato using pathogen derived resistance.’ Soon she joined the Ph.D program in Department of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA and earned her PhD in 2010 under the guidance Dr. Frank F. White  (Professor and Distinguished faculty). Her dissertation work was published in high impact journals like The Plant Cell and Nature. She continued to work in Dr. Frank White's lab as a Research Associate prior to her  appointment  as Assistant Professor in Central University of Kerala in 2013.She has 13 publications in peer reviewed journals and one book chapter.


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