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abdul Dr.P.Abdul Kareem - Associate Professor (HoD)
Ph.D. (institute of social and economic change banglore),MA in Economics
Department Of Economics
School of Economics(SE)
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E-Mail:[email protected]
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Specialisation: International Trade
International finance and Islamic Economics
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Brief Profile: DR. Abdul kareem did M.A. and M.Phil (Economics) from University of kerala and Ph.D (Economics) from Institute for Social and Economic change, Bangalore. Prior to joining CUK,he  has been working in the Department of Economics, University of Calicut for about 22 years. He has published 13 articles in various national and international professional  journals and 4 articles in Edited books and 4 articles in Conference proceedings. He has also published 3 books. His areas of interest are International trade, International finance and Islamic economics. He has acted as Head ofthe Dept. of economics, CUK and Dean of School of Global studies, during April 2012 to April 2015.He was also the Member of Second Executive council, CUK.


A1-Journal Articles

1-      The Second Stage of Import Substitution: Case of India, The Indian Journal of Economics, Vol. LXIX, No. 274, January 1989.

2-      Developmental Implications of Educational Backwardness: with special reference to Indian Muslims, Perspectives in Education, Vol .5, No. 3, July 1989.

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4-      Foreign Trade Strategies and Economic Growth: Recent Theories and Evidences, The Asian Economic Review, Vol .XXXIX, No. 2, August 1997

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6-      Trend, Composition and Direction of India’s Machinery Exports, 1970-87, International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics,Vol. 12,No. 4,October-December 2004.

7-      Estimation of Efficiency of Trade Liberalisation in India, Convergence Asia Journal, Vol .VII, No. 1, October-March 2009.

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9-      Import Substituting Protective Trade and Export Promoting Liberal Trade: A Review, International Journal of Marketing and Trade Policy, Vol 1, No 1-2.January-December 2009.

10-  Emerging Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Some Selected Asian Countries, International Journal of Business Policy and Economies,Vol .4,NO. 2,July-December 2011.

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13-  Prospects of Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer in India after Liberalisation, International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research,Vol .13,No. 5,October 2015.


1-      Social Development in Kerala: The Puzzling imbalance of Educational Backwardness of Muslim community in Kerala ,International Conference Volume on Education and Social Science Paradigm,Zakir Hussain Centre for Educational Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University ,NewDelhi,March 11-13,2004.

2-      Economic Growth, Development and Poverty in India and Nepal, International Conference Volume on Modelling of Growth, Development  and Poverty, Kathmandu University,Kathmandu,Nepal,December 16-18,2007.

3-      Theory and Policy of International Trade in an Islamic Perspective, International Conference on Islamic Economics, Kulalampur, Malaysia, April 28-29, 2009.

4-      Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging India, Seventh Asia-Pacific Economic Association Conference,Busan,South Korea, June 15,2011.



1.      Education and Socio-Economic Development, Ashish Publishing House, New Delhi, 1988.

2.      Import Substitution and Industrial Development, shish Publishing House, New Delhi, 1990.


1-      Technlogy Transfer by Multinationals, S,V Hariharan,Abdul Kareem,Rameshwar Tandon,B.R,Publishing Corporation,Delhi,2015.


1-      Structure, Composition and Direction of India’s Foreign Trade After Liberalisation,P.Arunachalam(Ed.),Inclusive Growth in Economic Development, Serial Publications. New Delhi, 2010.

2-      Import Substituting Protective Trade and Export Promoting Liberal Trade: A Review, P.Arunachalm (Ed.), Marketing Management and Trade Policy, Serial Publications, New Delhi, 2010.

3-      Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging India, Rais Ahmed (Ed.), Banking and FDI in India, Regal Publications, New Delhi, 2014.

$11-      Globalisation and Trade Sector Performance in India, Rais Ahmed (Ed.), Banking and FDI in India, Regal Publications, New Delhi, 2014.


1-     Socio-Educational Upliftment of Backward Classes in Malabar Since the inception of Calicut University, Calicut University Participatory Project sponsored by Federation of Muslim Colleges, Calicut, March, 2002.


1-      M.Phil Guidance and awarded-7 numbers

2-      Ph.D Thesis Submitted or awarded-NIL

E-Refresher Courses Attended

E1- Refresher Courses Attended -3 numbers

E2-Paper Presentation in National Seminar-1,Determinants of India’s Machinery Exports,1970-87,34th Indian Econometric Society Conference,Managlore University,Mangalore,March 27-30,1998.

E3-Invited Lecture-NIL.


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