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The duration of the postgraduate programme is 4 semesters. Each semester has the duration of 16-18 weeks with 5 working days having 30 instructional hours per week. The academic programmes have been planned to facilitate: More learning opportunities in tune with current needs The choice of subjects/courses according to the students scholastic needs and talents Horizontal intra and inter School/Centre mobility of students Timely updating of curriculum and assurance of excellence Innovation as well as compatibility of educational programmes across the country The programmes are organized under Choice-Based Credit and Semester (CBCS) pattern. All these curricular innovations of CBCS have been made in order to provide vertical integration of knowledge and and to equip the students for successful performance in any competitive task in any part of the world. Students are offered two types of courses: (a) Core courses identified by each Department aimed at providing a broad base in the subject of study; (b) Elective courses chosen by the student in consultation with the Faculty Advisor. In addition to these, each student will have 24 to do a Dissertation/Project work emphasizing the application of knowledge to real problems. Under the unit system of instruction each course carries a credit rating relating to the weekly work load for the semester. One credit is assigned to one hour lecture or 2-3 continuous hours of academic work in the laboratory/workshop/field work in a week. For example, a credit rating of 4 for a course indicates 4 hours of lecture per week in a semester. The minimum total credits required for the successful completion of a PG programme is 72 credits within 4 semesters. Out of the 72 credits, a student has to secure a minimum of 48 but not more than 60 credits including that of the Dissertation for Core courses and a minimum of 12 but not more than 24 credits for elective courses. The student must register for the required number of courses including both Core and Electives totalling to not more than 30 credits at the beginning of each semester.


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Central University of Kerala Academics Programmes System of Instruction